Monday, November 21, 2011

Map of the North San Juan Del Sur Area

Photo looking at the bay from Pacific Pearl

The lot for sale is about 100 yards from this photo.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nicaragua real estate for sale update

Hello again,
Well its 2 years later since the original post and just wanted to update the blog. Nicaragua has still been creating a lot of buzz with more folks thinking of leaving the "rat-race" of stateside living. It gets increasingly more difficult to save and retire.

The hotel / bed & breakfast has new owners and a new website:

The lot is still for sale and is offered with owner financing at $25,000 US

Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hola from sunny Nicaragua!

Looking for place to build a home or just a place to invest? Im sure you have considered Southwestern Nicaragua! Home to one of the world's most breathtaking coastlines. Imagine lush rolling hills that reach to the shore, emerald green waters that glitter in the sun, and empty, white sand beaches inviting you to kick back and relax. Words can not express the magical beauty that will have you coming back for more- you are sure to fall in love with the area of Southwestern Nicaragua.

We invested in several locations almost 7 years ago in this area with the intentions of re-selling and eventually building and retiring. The Lot that we are selling is Just north (a mile or two) of the famed beach town of San Juan Del Sur: a popular tourist location because of its many nearby and spectacular beaches. San Juan del Sur is popular among surfers and is a vacation spot for many Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists, who consider it an unspoiled alternative to Costa RIca. Just large enough for your daily shopping, restaurants and entertainment (bars, nightclubs, festivals) but small enough will everyone will know you name after a few weeks (only about 15,000 full time residents).

Ive noticed that the most common reasons for traveling to this part of Nicaragua are: -The unspoiled ecological reserves like the beaches, volcanoes, forests, rivers, lakes. Along with that is, of course, excellent surfing, fishing, diving, exploring, and so on.
-The reasonable pricing- for example, just up the hill in san Juan Del Sur is Pelican Eyes- one of the nicest 5 star resorts I have ever been in. Compete with sailing, 3 infinity pools, full health spa, so on and so on. You can stay there for the price of a Holiday Inn in the states. Or if you choose you can stay at one of the very accommodating bed and breakfasts in town for a few bucks a night.
-The People: Nicaragua is home to some of the nicest people in latin America, along with that is the lowest crime rate (its extremely uncommon to even hear of any crime in San Juan Del Sur, not even common theft) Its literally the kind of place you can drop your wallet and have it returned to you with nothing missing.
-The access: A quick flight from Florida, Texas, or California (and im sure others) and within several hours of leaving home you are enjoying a cocktail and an amazing sunset.

OK, now that I have talked enough about my love of the place.... Let me tell you what I have to offer- My Nicaraguan Land For Sale. In a nutshell: The lot is in Pacific Pearl- (next to Los Miradores) off La Chocolata Rd. It is Number 17, up the hill near the top on the right, just past a seasonal stream (you will pass a little bridge) Depending on the underbrush, you should be able to see the '#17' Marker. All of the concrete property markers are intact on all 4 corners of the property. The area of the stream is not on the survey but is split between #16 and #17... In other words you will "bonus in" half of that area to split with your neighbor. It is 765 M2 (about .2 acres or 8400 Square Feet) You have a nice ocean view of SJDS Bay as well as a nice view of Nacastolo Bay and the Coastline of Costa Rica in the far distance. There is A Power Pole with electrcity and a working Water Tank and well at the lot. The lot has a fair slope, not too bad (pretty typical). There is currently no annual fees for Pacific Pearl, but may be soon to help maintain the paved roads, common area, power, water, gate, gate attendant etc.

More about Pacific Pearl: consider it it a small community or a subdivision, or a neighborhood. It contains about 50 lots. this one is about medium sized by comparison. There is a fence around the whole thing with a nice stucco and iron decor along the road and a nice iron gate. There are about 8 homes inside Pacific Pearl and one Bed an Breakfast and Yoga/Spa retreat. There is also one of the nicest restaurants in san Juan del Sur inside Pacific Pearl - Its called El Jardin Most of the homes inside Pacific Pearl would be considered million dollar homes if they were stateside- swimming pools, beautiful gardens, custom woodwork, the works. Pacific Pearl and its neiboring property (right next door) is where the original developers of the are built their personal homes about 10 years ago. Some of these homes have sold for more than $350,000 USD (quite a bit for around there).
There are several full time residents at Pacific Pearl. One important thing to note- Pacific Pearl in no longer a pipe dream with drawings and renderings like so many of the dream properties offered for sale around Nicaragua. It did happen, is happening, and is turning into a very successful community and very nice neighborhood.

More about the Lot and the price: We have seen lots sell for more than $70K USD inside Pacific Pearl with listing into the $90's (granted this was during what some of us call the good ole days... a few years ago when the US economy was stronger and investing in real estate was hotter) The prices have come down, but the value is still there. Lately, we are looking for around $38K for this lot. This can change from time to time depending on how motivated we are at the time... and the terms of the sale. We go down to personally pay taxes and enjoy a little R&R every year, and immeadiately after that we are excited and telling each other that we want a heck of a lot more for the lot to let it go. By the way- the Alcaldia now has records online and allows payment via internet for property taxes (about $180 per year) but we still enjoy going down ourselves.

To wrap things up...
Please let me know if I can help you with more information about: Our Lot For Sale / Pacific Pearl / San Juan Del Sur / Nicaragua. I am not a realator or salesperson - Chris